Earn Bitcoin Cash by sharing your affiliate-link.

Share your Link online and earn a 15% commission
for each one of your referrals deposit value.

Your Bitcoin Cash address is your referral link to which you will
get your instant payout after your referral makes a deposit.

Use the referral link in the following format:


For example : https://Bitcoindoubler.cash/?ref=bc1qta7fpwljj7kadq9mtcsayg230wxx4vdhuscmz5

Earn free Bitcoin Cash with Youtube

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2. Upload the Video to youtube or any other social media site.

3.Choose a Title

4. Set your unique affiliate-link in the description to generate a profit!


How does this system work ?

You post your personal referral link in order to send people to Bitcoindoubler.cash . For example If someone clicks on your link and makes an deposit of 0.1 BCH and will get a 0.2 BCH back. After the process is confirmed in the blockchain you will automatically get back your commission to the BCH address, that was inlcuded in your generated link. Your payout in this case is 15% of 0.1 BCH , which would be 0.015 BCH total.

Example Text

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